23 mei 2010

fabulous fab in LA Times

In de Los angelos Times stond hoe de senatoren eigenlijk Fabulous fab van Goldman Sachs aan de tand hadden moeten voelen:
What Should Have Been Said At The Goldman Senate Hearing
The LA Times – Senators, start your questions
SEN. KAUFMAN: Sen. Levin would now like to verbally assault the former trader, Mr. Fabrice Tourre, who once referred to himself as — and I am quoting here — the Fabulous Fab. I should note that he is French, although that in no way will prejudice this committee, except for the fact that it will prejudice this committee in large part because we can’t stand French people.
SEN. CARL LEVIN: Good morning, Mr.Tourre. Let me start by saying that I would like to slap your accent.
MR. TOURRE: Good morning, senator. And may I say that if you were food, you would be a boneless breast of chicken.
SEN. LEVIN: Your e-mails to your girlfriend make me laugh.
MR. TOURRE: Your salary makes me laugh.
SEN. LEVIN: May I call you the Fabulous Fab?
MR. TOURRE: I wish you wouldn’t.
SEN. LEVIN: Fabulous Fab. Your now infamous e-mails to your girlfriend, in which you wrote about betting against CDOs and predicted the fall of the housing market and yet continued to sell complex financial instruments to unsuspecting clients, to widows and orphans as you said in your e-mails.
MR. TOURRE: Is there a question in your future, senator?
SEN. LEVIN: My question is this. What’s it like to have a French girlfriend?
MR. TOURRE: It’s not terrible.

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